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Conservative Party of Canada, CPC

Rosemarie Falk

Question: Canadians and foreign travelers should be required to show proof of vaccination when crossing the border or attending public gatherings.

Answer: No

Regarding foreign travellers, while not stating that they should need a vaccine passport, Erin O’Toole, the party leader, has stated that “Everyone should be getting tested at our border. No exceptions.” Similarly, the Conservative Party officially opposes vaccine passports for citizens. However, O’Toole has suggested the continued use of rapid testing in certain sectors.

Question: Vaccination against COVID-19 should be mandatory.

Answer: No

After dodging the question for months, Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole has come out against mandatory vaccinations for federal public servants and private citizens more broadly

Question: Masks should be required on airplanes or in public spaces.

Answer: Unclear

The Conservative Party has flipped flopped on the issue of mask mandates throughout the pandemic. Some members strongly support such mandates, including, at time, Erin O’Toole, while others do not. There does not appear to be enough unity within the party to determine its official position on this issue.

Question: The Canada/US border has been closed for too long.

Answer: Yes

The CPC has come out in favour of reopening the Canada-US border, so long as rapid testing is used to determine who can and cannot enter the country. The party has stressed the negative economic impact of the prolonged closure, and sought to see it remedied as soon as possible.

Question: I am concerned that social media giants have become a growing threat to freedom of speech during the pandemic.

Answer: Yes

The Conservative Party and its leader have stated that the government is beginning to infringe on the rights of Canadians in the realm of free speech. While big tech has not been its focus, it is reasonable to assume that they would also oppose a corporate monopoly on the digital public square.

Question: The federal government has appropriately responded to the pandemic.

Answer: No

The Conservative Party of Canada has been very critical of the government’s response to the pandemic, particularly their assault on Canadian liberties and massive overreach.

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