Darren Fisher

Question: Canadians and foreign travelers should be required to show proof of vaccination when crossing the border or attending public gatherings.

Answer: Yes

The Liberal Party of Canada has led the charge of vaccine passports being a requirement in Canada. As the nation’s leader, PM Justin Trudeau has dismissed all legitimate criticism of his policy.

Question: Vaccination against COVID-19 should be mandatory.

Answer: Yes

The Liberal Party has begun to enforce mandatory vaccinations. Under the Liberal government, all federal public servants, workers in federally regulated sectors, and citizens wishing to utilize domestic flights and interprovintial vehicles, such as trains, will need to be vaccinated.

Question: Masks should be required on airplanes or in public spaces.

Answer: Yes

The LPC has pushed for maintaining mask mandates throughout the pandemic, even in areas where there are few or no cases.

Question: The Canada/US border has been closed for too long.

Answer: No

The LPC has decided that reaching an extremely high vaccination rate takes precedence over the opening of the border and subsequent bolstering of the economy.

Question: I am concerned that social media giants have become a growing threat to freedom of speech during the pandemic.

Answer: No

The LPC has worked with social media giants to squash supposed “COVID misinformation” throughout the pandemic. It has, thus, led the charge against free speech.

Question: The federal government has appropriately responded to the pandemic.

Answer: Yes

The Liberal Party is very happy with its job and is confident that they will attain a majority government in the coming election as a result.

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